September Workshop - Yoga Revolution
Ashtanga yoga in Harrow and North-West London
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September Workshop

September Workshop

September Workshop: Ashtanga Practice and Philosophy

Taking place in a beautiful private studio in Northwood Sunday 10TH September from 10 AM until 1 PM. The fee is £25. Pre-booking is essential.

I decided to teach this workshop as many of you are progressing well with your asana practice and are curious about the other aspects of Ashtanga yoga.
I can’t wait to explore the fascinating world of yoga philosophy with you!
The postures or asana we practice in class are just one part of Ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga means “8 limbs” and the asanas are just one of these limbs.
The workshop will explore the other 7 limbs as well as an introduction to The Yoga Sutras, the ancient text on yoga.  The sutras beauty is their absolute simplicity and accessibility to anyone and everyone.
They are not rules or dogma but open to your own interpretation.
Once you start to read the sutras it opens your eyes to a new way of living your life without getting caught up in the stress and drama others and more often ourselves create.

The class will, of course, be asana focuses as without the physical practice of yoga the philosophy is useless.
This workshop is open to anyone who practices Ashtanga whether novice or seasoned Ashtangi.
This workshop will be enlightening, insightful and uplifting and I hope it will encourage you to deepen your practice.
Contact me to book your place.

Om Shanti

Having a problem booking online? Call us on: 07532 221 833