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Breathing Classes

Breathing classes.

One to one and monthly group classes on zoom.

Do you know how to breath? Perhaps this sounds like a ridiculous question.

In fact, most people have dysfunctional breathing habits.

This can be for a plethora of reasons, including trauma, stress, bad postural habits or allergies.

Look at the beautiful way an infant breathes when they are asleep. That deep slow breath where the belly rises and falls and the gentle sibilant sound.

I have studied breath work here in the UK as well as traditional pranayama in India.

Pranayama which means “stretching life force” is a powerful way to rebalance us. It is also a way to connect with yourself on a spiritual level.

This is my practice of choice if I need a quick hit of yoga magic!

The breath work I have studied here in the UK is a completely different concept to pranayama and is suitable for everyone, even those suffering with long covid.

Learning to breath correctly can improve your mental and physical health dramatically.

Did you know that your diaphragm (your breathing muscle) is part of your core?

Many of us have an underutilised or tight diaphragm.

Our diaphragm is connected to the phrenic nerve, a “conscious” nerve related to trauma.

If you have experienced any trauma this can affect the way your diaphragm functions and in turn this will affect your breathing. This shallow breath may result in tightness in the body and anxiety levels will be heightened.

By practicing breathing techniques for a few minutes a day, you can forge new habits and empower yourself in improving your own health.

Breathing classes can help you to manage stress, aid sleep, reduce fatigue, improve sporting performance and so much more.

Please reach out to book a class.





Having a problem booking online? Call us on: 07532 221 833