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``Yoga is one of the greatest things the mind ever created`` Carl G. Jung

Workplace Yoga Sessions

After a full-on work day, you probably feel tired, a bit fed up and you’re definitely ready to go home. Maybe you’ve been sat staring at a screen all day or stuck in meetings – your back feels tight and your legs are in need of a good stretch.


Welcome to the modern corporate worker’s daily struggle.


While your mind is working a million miles per hour, your body is stuck. Your muscles aren’t getting the movement they need, you’re more prone to aches and pains and you’re at higher risk of musculoskeletal issues.


It’s time to get moving with Yoga Revolution.


What we offer

We’re on a mission to get office workers fit and healthy and yoga is the perfect antidote to a desk-based job. Not only does it help to strengthen and relax you physically, it does wonders for the mind – quieting stressful thoughts and allowing you some elusive ‘me’ time.


We hold classes at your place of work to make sure you benefit from a yoga boost! Regular practice encourages us to focus, manage emotions and limit stress. A lunchtime yoga session will give you more energy for the afternoon ahead, while an evening class can help promote better sleep.


As an employer, your staff will be grateful for this time to recuperate and relax and will feel much better for it.


Who are these classes for?

Young or old, beginners or intermediate – our office-based yoga sessions are suitable for all.

If you’ve been meaning to attend a yoga class but have never got around to it – workplace-based sessions are the perfect solution.


Classes are tailored to tackle common problems associated with sitting at a desk for too long such as ‘back care’ and ‘moving into stillness’.


What our corporate students say

“It has been a great experience and pleasure to participate in yoga sessions with Fiona. She is an amazing teacher due to her knowledge, ability to teach, communicate, help and support each one of us in the class. She provides clear instructions, positive encouragement and meaningful adjustments to meet each individual’s needs and expectations. I’m fully engaged and addicted to the yoga classes with Fiona!”
– Soti at Millennium Global Investment  


“Fiona always greets us with a warm smile and I feel totally at ease. She is a fantastic yoga teacher and being a complete beginner, I’ve never felt intimidated or conscious of my ability in her classes. She constantly provides clear instructions, guidance and reassurance and despite only attending her class for the last couple of months I’ve certainly noticed an improvement.”
– Andy


Please Contact Us to find out more about arranging workplace yoga sessions at your organisation.

Having a problem booking online? Call us on: 07532 221 833