Traditional Thai Massage - Yoga Revolution
Thai massage in Bushey and Watford.
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Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage AKA Lazy mans yoga! Do you feel achy and stiff? Do you feel tired and sluggish? Perhaps you are training hard at the gym and need a massage to treat niggles and aches?

I can also treat injuries and Thai massage is great for preventing injuries occurring!
A traditional Thai massage will stretch you out and mobilise all of your joints.

The full treatment is two hours long though shorter treatments are available and  each treatment is tailored to the individual.

TTM can be used to treat back pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, migraine, the list is endless!
You will be lighter, more agile, more energised and relaxed after the massage.
Get in touch to book. Prices start from £65 for a home visit.
You can also come to me for your treatment. Please book in at Salon 41 in Bushey, Hertfordshire.   Salon 41, Bushey (

Having a problem booking online? Call us on: 07532 221 833