Introduction to Mysore Ashtanga - Workshop - Yoga Revolution
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Introduction to Mysore Ashtanga – Workshop

An introduction to Mysore Ashtanga workshop – 7th November 2-4pm

Unravel the mystery of this powerful yoga system. Together we will explore the fundamentals of this practice. Asana, Ujjayi Breath, Drishti and of course discovering your Bandhas!
Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught in a one-one basis in a group setting.
This ensures you learn at your own pace whilst benefiting from the support and energy of a group class.
Ashtanga is a transformational practice that can only happen through the traditional way of practicing.
You do not need to know the sequence beforehand. You learn at a pace which suits you, and the practice can be modified, taking into account any postural factors, injuries or illness. Through constant repetition of negative thoughts or actions we form negatives habits in our body and mind. Through daily repetition of Ashtanga yoga we can create the positive habits of a calm and focused mind and a strong and supple body free from the aches of stress and anxiety.
No prior knowledge of Ashtanga is required to attend this workshop.
Everyone is welcome.

Having a problem booking online? Call us on: 07532 221 833