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Why do you practice…

Why do you practice…

Ashtanga is for young people …I hear this a lot…it’s not for beginners, it’s too difficult..
Yes, it is difficult but anything worth doing doesn’t come easily.

I teach all ages from 11 year olds to 70 year olds, from ex gymnasts, people with limited mobility, athletes, pensioners, mums,  and whilst I teach ashtanga to all of these people  I teach everyone as an individual.
Some people  come  to class to get a bit of head space, some want to dedicate them selves to a daily yoga practice, some want to find a way to reduce injuries from their chosen sport, some are on a spiritual path, some people want to get fit, some people want to be toned and have a flat tummy,  some  want to do a headstand and many people aren’t really sure what they want from yoga, they are just curious and find the feeling it gives slightly addictive!

What ever your reason for coming class to it really doesn’t matter.
Often the reason we keep practicing is very different to the reason we started.
Ashtanga is a physically challenging practice.
The body needs to be in peak condition to enable a healthy mind.
Most people don’t know how to breath properly which causes a whole host of mental and physical health problems

I recently heard someone say ashtanga isn’t suitable for  modern bodies
as we sit in chairs all day and we are hunched over our phones and computers so the postures are too difficult .
Surely this is just one good  reason why we should do this practice!

I feel like I’ve gone as far as I can physically with my own ashtanga practice, but maybe I’m wrong about  that.

Even after many years of dedicated daily practice, I’m only just starting to understand the powerful mental and spiritual aspects this practice has in store for me…

Why do you practice?

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